Alf Mizzi & Sons Group

Alfred Mizzi commenced a modest business as a sole trader in 1915.  The firm imported a variety of products, principally foodstuffs and clothing.

Soon after the last War, Alfred Mizzi was joined by his three sons.  The firm continued to operate as importers, primarily of foodstuffs, until the 1960s, when new expansion was sought, particularly in real estate development as Malta was undergoing a property boom.  In the early 1980s the third generation joined the business and, more importantly, the family grip was loosened as professional management was brought in.

While the Group’s principal activities remain the sphere of distribution and marketing of consumer products, the size constraints of an Island like Malta have necessitated the need for an enterprising business to broaden its base. The Group today has diverse interests, employing over 900 staff.

The Group's investments can be viewed in further detail on this website: